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Leading Sustainable Seafood Practices: Executive Chef Jojo Ruiz's Award-Winning Journey

Chef JoJo Seafood San Diego

Chef Jojo Ruiz: A Steward of Sustainable Seafood

As a San Diego native and the Executive Chef of both Lionfish at Pendry San Diego and Serẽa at Hotel del Coronado, Chef Ruiz's dedication to sustainability and community-driven initiatives has earned him recognition as a James Beard Certified Smart Catch Leader. Join us as we explore his impact on the culinary world and his commitment to safeguarding our oceans.

Hailing from San Diego, Chef Jose "JoJo" Ruiz is spearheading a culinary revolution through his innovative approach to sustainable seafood practices. In early 2019, he achieved the prestigious James Beard Certified Smart Catch Leader designation—a testament to his unwavering commitment to responsible sourcing of seafood. Notably, he has continued this remarkable feat, securing the title once again in 2020, solidifying his position as a sustainability trailblazer.

An Ocean-Friendly Culinary Vision

Lionfish at Pendry San Diego and Serẽa at Hotel del Coronado proudly stand as the sole recipients of the James Beard Certified Smart Catch Leader title in the San Diego and Coronado regions. Chef Ruiz's influence extends beyond the kitchen, encompassing a holistic approach to sustainability. From reducing disposable waste through recycling initiatives to utilizing eco-friendly supplies, his commitment to ocean-friendly practices shines through.

Beyond his culinary prowess, Chef Ruiz is a beacon of community involvement. His partnership with Patrick "Paddy" Glennon, founder of Culinary Liberation (CLF), underscores his dedication to promoting environmental initiatives within the restaurant industry. Through CLF, he fosters a collective of chefs dedicated to driving positive change and advancing nutritional education.

Chef Jojo Ruiz's commitment to making a positive impact extends to addressing hunger in San Diego. His active involvement in Waste Not San Diego demonstrates his passion for reducing food waste and supporting local nonprofits. By donating excess food, he contributes to uplifting the community and minimizing food wastage.

Chef Jojo Ruiz's culinary journey is deeply rooted in his San Diego heritage. He infuses local ingredients and produce, fresh from the farmer's market, into his dishes. His creations resonate with San Diego's essence, exemplifying his dedication to sustainable seafood practices and supporting local fishing and farming communities.

A Life Beyond the Kitchen

Outside the culinary realm, Chef Ruiz maintains a balanced lifestyle. With a commitment to wellness, he practices yoga, indulges in his passion for hot rods and muscle cars, and cherishes quality time with his family.

Chef Jojo Ruiz's journey exemplifies culinary excellence intertwined with sustainability and community-driven initiatives. As the driving force behind Lionfish and Serẽa, he has redefined the culinary landscape in San Diego. Through his commitment to sustainable seafood practices, reduction of waste, and support for local communities, Chef Ruiz has emerged as a true steward of our oceans.